Crooked Lake Internet Project

Melville Beach now has to decide if we wish to participate and fund our portion of the infrastructure improvements for high speed internet / tv services.

It should be clear that Crooked Lake residents lobbied SaskTel to provide a cost estimate for this service and we were successful in our application for assistance available to Saskatchewan rural communities. This funding methodology has been used in over 400 rural projects throughout the province.

SaskTel does not really care if we approve this project, they have a long waiting list of communities that are waiting to take our spot in the program if we decide not to proceed.

Although the initial upfront investment to the Resort Village of Melville Beach of $45,000 is substantial, the benefits of this service do warrant the expenditure. When viewed on a per taxpayer basis, the $500 is less than the price many of us spends on a new phone. It should also be noted that these funds will be sourced from existing reserves and will not require a increase in taxes to recover. SaskTel is also responsible for any maintenance issues and upgrades that may arise in the future.

Individuals will be able spend greater time at the lake as they are able to work from home, homes can be monitored remotely, property values will be enhanced, and costly cell phone plans individuals carry can be reduced. It will also give us the ability to keep pace with an ever escalating digital age and access high quality services available in larger communities.

If we decide not to proceed, the ongoing issue of limited coverage, especially in summer months, will only become worse as cell usage continues to increase and the cell tower approaches maximum capacity. The existing cell tower was upgraded in 2017 and SaskTel has no plans for future enhancements.

Crooked Lake communities will need to work together if we ever want to be successful in securing future infrastructure improvements. We are just too small as individual entities to attract any commercial interest.

For this particular project, it is extremely rare to have support from all governing bodies and have all entities with the financial capacity to proceed.

If this project is not approved by Melville Beach, the likelihood is that it will no longer be of interest to SaskTel and economics for the remaining Hamlets will cancel the entire project. You could easily imagine a 5 to 10 year wait before this program is ever revisited, if at all.

Based on requests at the July meeting, we have summarized a great deal of information regarding the history and scope of the project, details of the SaskTel Community Participation Program and some of the presentation material prepared for interested parties back in 2017. Please recognize that the presentation has not been updated to reflect changes to the program scope in 2018, but does provide a very good overview of the services being offered.

If you are looking for pricing on specific packages of services, please visit the SaskTel website.

RV MELVILLE BEACH COUNCIL requests a EMAIL reply by Sunday, JULY 15, 2018 on your following response of supporting this project or you are against the High Speed project.

Do you support the Sasktel High Speed Internet Project being implemented at the Resort Village of Melville Beach?


Are you against the Sasktel High Speed Internet Project being implemented at the Resort Village of Melville Beach?